About Friday Flatt

Friday Flatt Bio

Wonderful art is usually created when the artist is inspired from within. Day after day, I am awed by the breathtaking magnificence of earth’s landscapes, the endless mystery and energy of animals, the innocence in a child’s face, or the beauty and wisdom reflected in age. Happy when my fingers gently hold a paintbrush I lose myself covering canvas with our earth’s intriguing creatures that may someday, not be…Friday Flatt.

Born in upstate New York surrounded by the panoramic glaciated mountain finger-lakes dramatic seasonal changes and a family whose lives were enriched with camping the nearby state parks, days at the art and history museum, visits to the Cornell Glass Museum, vacations in Florida, music, dancing, and when our Father couldn’t take his six children on his many business trips brought home pieces of life from his adventures. Whether it was lobsters from the coast of Maine crawling on our kitchen floor, going to the airport to pick up a new puppy from Texas, or starched undershorts from a Chinese laundry in San Francisco, from a very young age there was an instilled sense of adventure and a never ending desire to travel and explore earth’s mysteries. Along the way I found the energy of living beings and their harmony with life to be the muse for my art and I was blessed with having a teacher, Rosemarie Inge Koczy, of Croton-on-Hudson, NY, an internationally renowned artist on whose tombstone now reads, “I weave you a shroud…of love.”

Friday’s studio is located in Lake Worth Florida and some of her works may also be seen at the Gallery Arts and Crafts Expo Center “Art Attack”, Boca Raton, Florida.